The Sculpt Society class/ Dance + Sculpt: Megan's signature class brings an athletic approach to follow along dance cardio and light weight sculpting. This full body, non-stop workout will challenge you with everything you need in 50min to create a lean, sculpted, strong body. Music drives the class as you move to the beat. Come ready, leave sweaty!

Mat class: The same upbeat, fast paced workout without the dance cardio. This low impact class will incorporates light weight toning exercises for a full body workout, to create long, lean, strong muscles. 

Bench class: Ready to kick things up a notch? The bench class blends old school step aerobics + plyometric movement  to get your heart rate up. It stays up as you move through dance cardio and sculpting sequences using light hand weights, sliders and ankle weights. 


Find Megan teaching at the following locations:


PROJECT by equinox:

267 Mulberry street, New York 



815 Broadway, 2nd floor



7am: MAT @ Energi w/ Julie Hoadley

9:30am @ Project 


8am @ Energi w/ Julie Hoadley


9:30am @ Project

6:30PM @ Energi


8am @ Energi w/ Julie Hoadley


9:30am MAT @ Energi


9am @ Energi

11am BENCH @ Project 

12pm @ Energi w/ Spencer Jones


10am @ Energi

 Certifications: ACE GFI + Pre and Post Natal